Monday, February 25, 2013

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

After the positive feedback I've been receiving on my journey to a healthier lifestyle, I've started a "Healthy Living" series, which I will endeavor to post tips and strategies that I use to live healthier every Monday. (For those of you reading this for recipes, or just not interested in this topic, rest assured, I will still post the occasional sweet treat or otherwise indulgence food when it meets my fancy.  Variety is the spice of life!)

This week's topic - Breakfast!

Your mother was right, breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day. There are countless reasons why eating a healthy breakfast is good for you; it jump starts your metabolism, it provides you with energy for the day... I won't bore you with a lecture on the specifics as there is plenty of literature out there on the topic, such as here and here.  Fortunately for me, as a kid, my mom never let me leave the house in the morning to go to school without eating breakfast first, which in turn developed a very good habit for me into adulthood.  On weekdays, I usually eat breakfast after a workout at the gym, so that doesn't leave me with much time to prepare an elaborate breakfast.  But being pressed for time doesn't mean that you can't eat healthy.  Here are some of my favorite weekday breakfast ideas:

Whole-wheat toast with peanut butter, banana, and a drizzle of honey
Elvis had the right idea with combining peanut and bananas.  I use a tablespoon of reduced fat peanut butter to "save" on calories (I'm partial to Skippy, but J. prefers Jiff, so I buy which ever one is on sale).

Whole grain cereal with berries and nuts
My favorite brand of cereal to use for this is Kashi Heart to Heart - either the warm cinnamon or toasted oat flavor.  The toasted oat flavor reminds me of a more grown-up Honey Nut Cheerios.  I also sometimes change up the fruit, such as a banana or apple.  

Low-fat (or nonfat) yogurt with fruit preserves, berries and nuts
I find mixing plain yogurt with a quality fruit preserve actually tastes better than the packaged "fruit at the bottom yogurt."  And also depending on the brand of preserves, you can avoid some of the scary chemicals and artificial flavoring.  

As you may have gathered, we had a lot of berries in the fridge last week.  But if you are looking for a savory breakfast, try this:

"Rocky Mountain toast" toast with avocados, cheddar cheese and grape tomatoes, and a few drops of sriracha sauce.  "Rocky Mountain toast," also known as "Man on a raft" is simply a piece of bread with a hole cut into the center.  You put the toast in the frying pan and cook the egg in the center.  (The egg is buried under all the toppings in the picture). 

What do you like to eat for a healthy breakfast? Do you eat different breakfast foods during the week and on weekends?

Note: I was not compensated by any of the products mentioned here.  I purchased all the products with my own funds. 

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