About Food Judicata

The pages you have bookmarked in your browser say a lot about who you are.  I made that discovery one day while I was still a law student.  I was browsing the internet in the law library, procrastinating from doing real studying, no doubt, when I noticed that all of my bookmarked pages were either food-related or law-related websites. In the drop-down menu of my bookmarks, I had a sub-folder for recipes that I wanted to try and food blogs that I frequented. In another folder, I had links to statutes, the US Constitution, and legal reference tools. It was then when I realized the two things that I think about the most in my life: food and the law.

"Food Judicata" is a play on words with the legal term, "res judicata" meaning "a matter [already] judged." When I began this blog as a law student in September 2008, I came up with the title as a way to combine the two things I think about most.  Now that I am an attorney, I have come to realize how apt the title really is.  Every time we eat, go to a new restaurant, or cook a meal, we are making judgments about the food, its flavor, smells, presentation, and how it makes us feel. This is a blog about my judgments on the food I eat. It is mostly about the food I prepare myself, since I am my own (and potentially harshest) judge.  I also enjoy traveling and will make judgments on the food that I eat in other cities.  It should be noted that I am never compensated for the reviews I make.  I choose the places where I eat while I travel mostly through word of mouth, food blogs, and other internet reviews, so I am always happy to hear suggestions and feedback.

You can contact me at foodjudicata (at) gmail (dot) com.

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