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In the beginning of 2012, I resolved to lose 30 pounds by Labor Day.  While I came a few pounds shy of my goal, what I took away from this resolution was more important than any weight-loss goal. I developed a new healthier and more active lifestyle, and I feel great!

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In 2013, I endeavored to write a weekly post on healthy living while still enjoying food. While I didn't always post every week, it motivated me to eat healthier overall so that I would have something to write about! Here is an archive of the posts.  I will still update this with a new recipe or post from time to time.

Disclaimer (I am a lawyer, after all): I am not a registered dietitian or health professional.  If you want expert advice, you should consult with  a registered dietitian, doctor, or health professional.  These are simply tips and strategies that I follow based on my own personal experiences, and should not be construed as medical advice. Please speak with a registered dietitian or doctor before making changes in your routine.

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Veggie Tacos

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