Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weekend Waffles

Okay, so I know I said to expect a healthier and lighter Food Judicata.  This is not one of those posts. But one of the perks of moving into a new apartment is that you become re-acquainted with the kitchen appliances that you never think to use.  Hello again, waffle iron.  Nice to see you again, fondue pot.

So this morning, after J. woke up at the crack of dawn to play golf, (yes, golf.... at 6 AM), I woke up with the idea make use of my waffle iron.  J.  generally prefers savory breakfasts, bacon, eggs, etc., so today was an opportune time to make waffles.  So through my groggy, sleepy eyes this morning, I was googling waffle batter recipes.  I chose this one from Allrecipes because it only used one bowl and seemed pretty straightforward.  I cracked two eggs into a large bowl as the recipe called for, squinted at the instructions again, "Beat eggs in large bowl with hand beater until fluffy."


I don't have a hand beater.  But not to be discouraged, back in college, we used to cream butter for cookies using plastic forks.  So I beat the eggs as fast as I could for until I got tired, which was probably about five minutes.

This looks fluffy enough, right?

Okay, I knew it wasn't enough, but hey, I was still pretty sleepy.  The first waffle was a bust, I forgot to spray the iron with cooking spray and one bite reminded me, that I forgot to add sugar.  (Did I mention that I was sleepy?)

One tablespoon of sugar and some cooking spray in the waffle iron later and I had pretty good waffles, given the circumstances.  I would have liked them to be a little fluffier next time (or perhaps invest in a hand blender).

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