Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Blog Ever!

Welcome to Food Judicata! I plan on dedicating this blog to interesting food-related adventures I come across such as recipes, techniques, and restaurants. And as a law student, I may include some rants of my own about law school, legal issues, and the like. For now I will put up photos of meals that I have cooked in the past. More to come soon!

In this picture here are, "Free-Form Chocolate-Strawberry Petit-Fours" made with my friend Joey, for our mutual friend Junas, on her birthday. (Although you can't see it too well in the picture - the cakes in the middle have letters that spell J-U-N-A-S.) The original plan was to bake cupcakes. But then Joey had the brilliant idea to make petit fours*. But after a minor fiasco with making the chocolate sauce that the cakes were supposed to be dipped in, the cakes became "Free-Form" petit fours. These cakes are layers of chocolate cake, with homemade strawberry sauce in the middle, topped with whipping cream and a slice of strawberry for garnish. They turned out to be a real hit at the party.

*Random trivia - Did you know that "petit four" is French for "small oven"?

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